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For Cairns’ largest range of snorkeling tours to the outer barrier reef, contact our tourist information center and ask for our snorkeling specialist who can assist you with all snorkel options including day trips, over night stays, snorkeling trips for beginners through to trips suitable for experienced snorkelers looking to experience the best of the outer barrier reef. We can assist you with all options from Cairns, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation.

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We have Cairns largest range of reef trips and Cairns Snorkelling and diving tours to the Great Barrier Reef.

Utilize our local reef knowledge and 16 years of booking Cairns snorkelling and diving tours. With climate change, not all reef locations & tours are the same, it is now more important than ever to select your snorkelling experience wisely.

Below is a list of all Cairns snorkelling/dive tours, contact us so we can to assist you to select the best location for your needs and budget.

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Cairns Pontoons

Cairns Pontoons provide great snorkeling and diving experiences. With 3 Cairns pontoons on the Outer Barrier Reef to choose from and another pontoon from Port Douglas also you have 4 great options to visit The Great Barrier Reef.

The pontoon is a man-made structure secured to the sea bed which has great infrastructure, including an underwater observatory and semi-submersible (Which is like a submarine). These are all free inclusions in the ticket price. The pontoon gives you a lot of value for your money. Some pontoons from Cairns have additional benefits, such as, water slides, glass bottom boats and FREE stinger suits, including in the price. As each Cairns pontoons have different benefits and are located in different parts of the Reef, contact us to see which pontoon will best suit your needs and budget.  Another advantage with pontoons is they have large shaded areas to protect you from the sun. pontoon

Pontoons are very popular for non-swimmers because of the free inclusions such as the semi-submersible (Which is like a submarine), glass bottom boat and easy access into the water, as well as life jackets and other flotation devices.

Each of the pontoons provide lunch, morning and afternoon tea including in the ticket price.

Choose from four different pontoons:

Reef Magic Cruises at Moore Reef

Sunlover at Moore Reef

Great Adventures at Norman Reef or Moore Reef

Quicksilver Cruises at Agincourt Ribbon reefs (Port Douglas)


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Cairns Outer Barrier Reef Island Cay Full Day

Ocean Spirit Cruises to Michaelmas Cay on the Outer Barrier reef, a more natural location with smaller numbers, just walk in straight off the beach to beautiful coral gardens located in the lagoon. Includes a semi-submersible for coral viewing, this is an ideal location for non-confident snorkelers or swimmers.

Adult $196

Child $99    Family $495

+ $6.50 tax 

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Cairns Outer Barrier reef-Snorkelling off the back of the boat



Silverswift is the only Cairns based vessel to visit three Outer Barrier Reef sites in one day



Tusa Snorkel & Dive

Tusa Snorkel & Dive visits two Outer Barrier reef daily



Down Under Cruise& Dive

Down Under Cruise& Dive – Evolution visits two Outer Barrier Reef sites daily



Reef Experience

Reef Experience catamaran that includes one free dive and visits two reef locations.


Passions of Paradise

Passions sails to two Outer Barrier Reef locations



Ocean Freedom

Ocean Freedom travels to Upolu Cay and Wonder Wall



Deep sea Divers Den

Deep sea Divers Den – Reef Quest visits two Outer Barrier Reef locations

Reef cruise All Cairns Tours

Sea Quest

Two outer Barrier reef locations, boat is also used as a transfer boat to live aboard vessel



Seastar Cruises

Seastar Cruises travels to two Outer Barrier Reef locations



Sunkist Cruises

 Travels to two Outer Barrier Reef locations


Reef Daytripper

Reef Daytripper, a small sailboat that travels to Upolu Reef



Compass Cruises

Cairns cheapest day trip to the Great Barrier Reef, on an older style boat


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    Whether you are a single, couple, a family or group, we can advise you on the best options for any of these tours as we have first hand experience and knowledge and we have access to the best rates for you.