Cassowary Tours Cairns, is a question we are often asked. Where can we find a tour from Cairns to see a cassowary?

Our Cairns Information Centre specializes in wildlife tours from Cairns and\ we have some great cassowary tours where you can see cassowaries in the wild. 

For information on cassowary sightings and the best places to see a cassowary near Cairns just phone our Information Centre 

Contact our Tourist Information Centre for tours that take you deep into the home of the cassowary including the Daintree Cape Tribulation National Park. For example we have day tours with guided walks where cassowaries and other wildlife are often seen.

What is the most popular cassowary tour from Cairns?

The most popular cassowary tour from Cairns in our opinion is close by at Kuranda, imagine riding a ATV through ancient rainforest. This tour regularly sees cassowaries and costs only $95. We have so many customers who give such positive feedback on this popular activity which can be incorporated into a day trip to Kuranda.  

Just call us for more information on the best times to see cassowaries on this tour or for information on finding cassowaries in North Queensland.

Cassowaries can also be seen at local wildlife parks including bird world. Contact us for discounted entry into bird world where you can see their resident cassowary.

Where can I find cassowary souvenirs?

You can find cassowary souvenirs at the Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. We have a range of cassowary souvenirs including art works by local Cairns artists, ceramics and other souvenirs. We have cassowary souvenirs starting from just $6.

















Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre

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Phone, email or visit our Visitor Information Centre in person. During these Covid virus times we ask that you follow Covid-19 regulations and apply social distancing. 






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