Cairns Aboriginal Art is available at Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre Cairns Aboriginal Art works  include local artist such as Melanie Hava. Our Melanie Hava range of local Cairns Aboriginal Art works are available to purchase. 

These beautiful local indigenous art works reflect the beauty and uniqueness of Cairns and Far North Queensland. Take home affordable affordable Cairns designed art works.

Our range includes framed Melanie Hava designs of the Reef, rainforest, and unique North Queensland wildlife including turtles, reef fish, cassowaries, black cockatoos, brolgas and Jabirus. 

We also have a everchanging unique items of other local indigenous art including boomerangs, carved boab nuts and ceramics.

Our local aboriginal art works include:

  • Calendars, yes still have a small number of 2021  Melanie Hava calendars available to purchase.
  • Post cards, indigenous post cards including a wide selection of Melanie Hava art post cards.
  • Water bottles, we have the largest local range of Melanie Hava water bottles, including reef, turtles and birdlife range. 
  • Porcelain coasters 
  • Boxed porcelain cups and mugs, great affordable presents. See our range of cassowary souvenir cups, tea towels and coasters.
  • Tea Towels, see our huge range of local indigenous tea towels including the Melanie Hava range of turtles, fish, reef and Cairns wildlife including cassowaries, black cockatoos, brolgas and Jabirus. 
  • Framed art works 


Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre can also help you with authentic local aboriginal experiences and indigenous tours. Information on local galleries and discounts into local Cairns attractions and activities. Want to experience aboriginal smoking ceremonies, take a trip to the reef with local indigenous sea rangers, we can help you, this is our expertise. Want to see cassowaries in the wild, we know the best trips. If your passion is to dive or snorkel the reef to see turtles and fish we are famous for our knowledge of the reef and the best locations to snorkel and dive. 

Our Information Centre is open 7 days a week. Can’t get here, no worries, we can post that special item to you or book all your Cairns activities over the phone. Just ask, we specialize in unique aboriginal and indigenous tours and experiences and all things the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre

Phone: 07 4055 7158



Phone, email or visit our Visitor Information Centre in person. During these Covid virus times we ask that you follow Covid-19 regulations and apply social distancing.