Cairns cheapest outer barrier reef tours to the Great Barrier Reef vary in price and quality.

Compasss Cruises Cairns

Compass Cruises is  the cheapest outer barrier reef tour from Cairns. At just $115, this snorkelling trip is cheap in price .A full day trip to the Great Barrier Reef for just $115 gives you bang for your buck. Don’t expect a fancy modern boat. This no frills older reef boat goes to two outer reef locations.

Price includes snorkel equipment, lunch, boom netting and reef tax. If you have a budget around $100 (one hundred dollars ) then this reef trip is one to look at.

Sunkist Cairns

Sunkist is the next cheapest outer barrier reef trip from Cairns. Takes only 30 passengers. The cost is only $120 plus $20 reef levies. This very affordable outer barrier reef trip goes to Milln, Briggs, Moore and Thetford reefs. Snorkel equipment, lunch, plus afternoon tea included. Diving is available at extra cost at  $50.

Sea Quest Cairns 

Sea Quest is also a cheap option to the outer barrier reef. At $140 plus $20 taxes its great value for money and affordable. We often have great specials on this boat so always check with us first . There is also diving available and they visit 2 good outer barrier reef locations. Lunch is also included.

Reef Day Tripper Cairns 

The little sail boat Reef Day Tripper goes to Ulopu Cay instead of the outer barrier reef. This is due to constraints of sail time as against motor boats who can get further out to the outer barrier reef systems . Cost for this trip is cheap at just $149 which includes lunch, snorkel equipment and reef tax in the total price. With only 30 persons it’s a great boat to make friends on, especially if you enjoy sailing .

Passion Of Paradise Cairns

Passion of Paradise is also a sail boat but they get out to the outer barrier reef and have a roving permit that includes Norman, Hastings, Flynn and Milln reef. Price$169 plus $20 taxes, includes lunch, snorkel equipment and very friendly crew.

Evolution Down Under Dive 

The Popular Evolution is a sleek new vessel that goes to the outer barrier locations of Saxon, Hastings reef. These are 2 popular outer reef locations. Price $165 plus $20 levies. Popular with the backpackers market, this boat has  a good vibe. We have great savings OFF this reef trip especially when combined with another activity .This company also has the cheapest helicopter flights if you would like to add a heli flight on.

Dreamtime Dive and Snorkle Cairns 

A really interesting boat is Dreamtime Dive and Snorkel, 2 premium quality outer reef locations. We really like the unique educational value this company  provides by employing aboriginal rangers to assist to tell the stories their families have passed down over thousands of years about the reefs you visit . The only barrier reef tour from Cairns with a strong Indigenous connection. The  cost is $182 plus $7 tax per adult. With great children prices & family packages, meaning one child goes free. This is another reef trip worth a second look. With very good reef locations visited makes this a good value option. We often have great specials on Dreamtime so always check first with us for any local deals. We have the nose for deals so give us a call on  07 40557158  or drop in to our local Visitor Information Centre .

These are the cheapest outer barrier reef tours from cairns under $200. There are many boats that start at $200 plus. We also have a wide selection of snorkelling and diving trips that cost more than $200 .These  go to some of the very best  outer barrier reef locations. If you are looking for the best possible snorkelling on the outer barrier reef just contact us for tips and recommendations for additional options.

The Cheapest Cairns outer barrier reef trip from a Cay 

The cheapest cairns outer barrier reef trip from a Cay on the outer barrier reef is from Michaelmas Cay ♥♥.  Ocean Spirit visits beautiful Michaelmas Cay. This amazing outer barrier reef location is a great place to spot turtles. The cay acts as a breakwater and as a result  has beautiful coral gardens.This location  is famous for the giant clams and has a great diversity of marine life. With smaller numbers than the large pontoon boats, free stinger suits, lunch included. The extra bonus is a great semi submersible tour you can go on as many times as you like all  included. This one is a winner of outer barrier reef location. Cost $206 per adult, children half adult price. Save with family rates, second trips discounts and other savings in this amazing snorkelling trip.

Cheapest Cairns outer barrier reef trip from a pontoon.

Cheapest outer barrier reef trip from a pontoon is Reef Magic. Cost $213 per adult. This company has fantastic family and child  rates and the quality of the coral of this location is hard to beat. The free inclusions of underwater observatory, glass bottom boat and semi submersible are extra free bonuses. Ask about reef magic specials, discounts, family and group rates.

Our local Cairns Beaches  Visitor Information Centre has detailed reef maps showing the inner, middle and outer barrier reef systems. We utilize the latest Bureau of meteorology weather forecasts as well as local reports direct from the reef off Cairns to provide the most accurate reporting. Utilize our many years of experience to select the most appropriate cairns outer barrier reef snorkelling trip to suit your budget. The quality of snorkelling locations varies considerably. Not all locations are the same. Knowing which locations have good snorkelling and diving is important. Drop in, phone ⇒ 07 40557158 or call our free whatsapp number +61428170027  or email us for any advice, help and bookings ♥.

Where to eat crocodile in Cairns, not a problem. Several good Cairns restaurants serve crocodile as a main meal or as an on tray. Restaurants like Ochre are famous for their crocodile meat, wallaby, emu and kangaroo meals.

Where to eat crocodile in Cairns?  Why not eat crocodile opposite the natural home of the crocodile. Dundee’s restaurant located adjoining the Cairns Inlet, serves crocodile and has sample plates with crocodile and kangaroo.

Where to eat crocodile in Port Douglas?

Where to eat crocodile in Port Douglas, why not try one of the best gourmet experiences in Australia. In particular, Flames Of The Forest at Port Douglas is known for high end dinning. The Saturday night menu features smoked crocodile rillettte and is part of a 6 course tasting menu or for a budget experience enjoy the Famous Mocka Pies from Port Douglas with their famous crocodile meat pie.

Drop in to Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre for brochures, tips and discounts on all crocodile experiences and Cairns attractions for instance, Flames of the Forest & Hartleys Crocodile Farm.

Hartleys Crocodile Farm. Collect discounted entry vouchers from Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre

For us, the best value crocodile meals in Cairns has to be Hartleys Crocodile Farm, as the where to eat Crocodile in Cairns place. At the same time, watch massive crocodiles cruise the lagoon while you munch on a croc burger. Also Fancy crispy croc, crocodile caesar salad, crocodile spring rolls or marinated crocodile skewers. 

Whatever choice Hartleys Croc Farm has you covered as amazing place to experience crocodiles and to eat then too.

Information and Bookings for Crocodile Tours

Best of all Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre has discounted entry into Hartleys Croc Farm. 20 year local experience, this Visitor Centre is famous for their knowledge and expertise on Crocodiles and Cairns tours. Even National Geographic have visited them.

Well worth the drive to Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre at 8 Rutherford street, Yorkeys Knob Beach, Cairns. Phone 07 4055 7158, email: other words, Collect a Hartleys Crocodile Farm information brochure, crocodile show schedule and special discounted entry vouchers into Hartleys Crocodile Farm.

Where to hire towels in Cairns? We looked for where to hire towels in Cairns but couldn’t locate a towel hire business. My family wanted to rent towels to go to The Great Barrier Reef and also to the Cairns beach.  We finally ended up having success hiring towels through The Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. Phone 4055 7158. They had a large number of towel rentals . They hire beach towels and sarongs for as long as you need. This worked out ideal not having to buy a towel in Cairns , just hiring one instead .The towel hire was cheap at $3.50  per towel. This is better for the planet when you hire and the rental towels were clean and of good quality.

This Visitor Centre has other hire and rental items as well , such as stinger suits and snorkel equipment at  cheap rental prices .Going to Port Douglas . Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre also does towel hire for Port Douglas customers . Just drop by the Visitor Centre and hire the beach towels you need.

Cairns Towel hire

Beach towel hire $3.50

Cairns towel hire through Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre was easy. I just turned up and hired towels on the spot. Other people pre order their beach towel rental  in advance. The Visitor Centre  is just 80 meters back from the  beach. I was able to use the towel rental straight away at the beach and was very pleased with the quality of the towels we hired

Towels and sarongs for purchase were also available if you wanted your own beach towel rather than a hire towel. To rent a towel just visit Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. They are at 8 Rutherford St Yorkeys Knob Beach  phone 40557158

Free Cairns Towel Hire

Free Cairns towel hire is available through Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. To get a  free towel hire towel you just need to book a tour to the Great Barrier Reef or any other Cairns Tour through Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. We have great discounts OFF Cairns Tours, for families, groups, seniors, backpackers and schools.

The friendly staff  have extensive  knowledge of Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef and assist you with free tour bookings to all Great Barrier Reef and Island locations. They had every  Great Barrier Tour from Cairns and  Port Douglas. Bonus, tours booked through them receive free beach towel hire or a free sarong. Sarongs make a great alternative to renting a beach towel and are lighter and dry quicker.

Beach towels, where to buy in Cairns, isn’t difficult if you are looking for a standard beach towel. There are many shops selling cheap towels in Cairns. The best beach towels and sarongs , we found in Cairns were by the beach,  at Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre.

This Visitor Information Centre was a surprise find. Not only very knowledgeable on Cairns tours they also had lots of discounts and savings off cairns attractions, as well as  great range of beach towels, sarongs and other souvenirs.

Beach Towels $9.90 each

Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre had quality towels but at a cheap price with beautiful tropical designs and the towels were great to take to the Great Barrier Reef or to the beach and they cost us just $9.90 each. The same towel was selling in Cairns for over double at $20 each .We were really pleased with our bargain buy and the great visitor information they provided free on Cairns. 

We found most Cairns Hotel don’t let you take their white  hotel towels to the Reef . Buying your own beach towel in Cairns make sense. Its a great souvenir of your trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Locally designed souvenirs and gifts from Cairns

Cairns Beach Visitor Centre had other beautiful towels with Great Barrier Reef designs by local Cairns artist . Packaged beautifully, these  make great gifts and presents. We really appreciated that these towels were designed by a local Cairns artist and we loved the colorful fish and Great Barrier Reef scenes.

They had two beach towel designs with local scenes from the Reef off Cairns. The Green Island Beach towel, showing Green Island and the famous green turtles. The other towel depicts local colorful reef fish and coral. They cost us $16 each . We loved buying a towel designed here in Cairns that supports a local Cairns artist.

They had other locally design Great Barrier Reef and Green Island souvenirs.

Where to hire beach towels in Cairns –

Where to Hire beach towels in Cairns was not easy, we gave up finding a towel rental place, as the shops we visited didn’t hire towels, but when we visited Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre , towel and sarong rental was available. This must be the cheapest towel hire in Cairns at $3.50 per towel .

Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre are located at 8 Rutherford street, Yorkeys Knob Beach, Cairns. Phone 07 4055 7158, . It was well worth the drive .

Their famous Visitor Information Centre had the largest range of Cairns tours and you get great savings there and the best towel and sarong range.

Buy sarongs, towels and souvenirs at Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre, Yorkeys Knob beach, Cairns.

Sarong… where to buy in Cairns?. Looking for sarongs that are different and make unique gifts. There are many sarong shops that sell sarongs in Cairns and the cost, quality and design vary greatly.

The best sarongs we found were out by the beach just 10-15 minutes from Cairns City Centre at the Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. Yes  a surprise find, Not only a very helpful Cairns Tourist Information Centre, with great knowledge of Cairns tours,  but they also have a range of unique gifts and presents including a fantastic sarong range.

They had quality sarongs with beautiful tropical designs that made great presents. Being light weight, they dry easily. These were ideal to use at the beach or out on The Great Barrier Reef.

There are many cheap sarongs in Cairns but the quality can be poor. So we were really pleased to buy beautiful sarongs complete with the buckle.

The cost of the sarong we bought  was cheap; they have a big range of sarongs from just $12.50 each. Making it an affordable gift from Cairns for the family and friends. We really loved the sarong accessories like the buckles made out of coconut shell. They have a big range of sarongs accessories, made out of both, wood and coconut shell in many designs.

Cairns Sarong Shop

Buy sarongs and souvenirs at Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre, Yorkeys Knob, beach Cairns.

With over 50 different designs available to buy I think this must be the largest range of sarongs in Cairns. There are more sarongs here than I found at any other Cairns sarongs shops. 

The Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre has a large range of sarongs, including designs with Great Barrier Reef fish, turtles, the local gecko, tropical flowers, coral designs, rainforest butterflies, tie dye sarongs, plain sarongs and nature designs.

Hand made and , hand painted sarongs   and sarong dresses are hard to find but The Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre had some beautiful designs including hand painted sarongs with turtle designs. They even let you try out the sarong and they had other unusual Cairns souvenirs as well as free map, discount vouchers to get into Cairns attractions cheaper and savings off Cairns Tours, so the short drive is very worthwhile and you can go to the beach there as well, as the Cairns Tourist Information Centre, 8 Rutherford street Yorkeys Knob Beach, Cairns is just 50 meters from Yorkeys Knob Beach esplanade, you can phone them on 07 4055 7158 and ask them about their range           

Sarongs have multiple names across many cultures including pareo, pareu, lava lava, longet, etc. But what ever sarong wrap you are after, I’m sure you will find it here.



Free bus transfers from Port Douglas to Cairns when you book a Foaming Fury White Water Rafting Tour on the Barron River.  Enjoy white water rafting on the Barron River and get your bus transfers for free for next two months from date of the publication of this blog.  Free return transfers from Port Douglas when you contact the Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre –

Do you want discounts off entry into many of Cairns attractions?

Do you want discounts off entry into many of Cairns attractions?  We can also offer great local rates and special rates for families, pensioners and seniors.  We can also assist you with transport from Port Douglas to Cairns.  Just call our office on 07 4055 7158 and we can organise all your tours and transport details.  Bus from Port Douglas to Cairns and return we can also assist you with this if you are not wanting to go white water rafting but want to get to Cairns for the day or you are interested in doing other tours from Port Douglas and Cairns with free bus transfers included.  Just call Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre who has a large range of Cairns and Port Douglas tours.


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