Cheap Cairns snorkelling tours and trips to the Great Barrier Reef are available now. Cheap Cairns snorkelling tours and trips save the budget. See the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Utilize our local tips to find the cheapest snorkelling tours.

Utilize our local knowledge, we know the best reef locations and what the latest deals are. As Cairns locals, we operate the local Visitor Information Centre here for more 18 years, we know where the bargains are.

Ask us about discounts, specials, family rates and last minute deals ♥.

Cairns Cheapest Snorkelling Tours

Green Island turtle tours
Snorkeling with turtles at Green Island

Cairns Cheapest Snorkeling Tours are to Fitzroy Island. This cheap snorkelling trip from Cairns is just $78 with your own snorkel equipment or $94 with snorkel hire equipment.

There is some basic reef here and a small section of reef with some nice snorkelling but its not like snorkelling on the Outer Barrier Reef which is significantly better. If your budget is for a cairns snorkelling tour  under a hundred dollars, then Fitzroy Island starting at $78 is a cheap snorkelling option.

Green Island is the second cheapest snorkelling trip from Cairns, at just $82 if you bring your own snorkel equipment or $96 with snorkel hire equipment included.

These are the 2 cheapest snorkelling trips from Cairns, under $100 (Hundred dollars). We often have last minute discounts and specials to Fitzroy and Green Island, just ask.

Snorkelling Outer Barrier Reef from Cairns

Snorkelling Outer Barrier Reef from Cairns, gives the best snokel experience. We recommend going to the Outer Barrier Reef, which is much further but with much better coral. Travelling to the Outer Barrier Reef takes 90 minutes as against 45 minutes to Green and Fitzroy Islands.

The extra time travelling to the outer barrier reef will reward you with an enhanced snorkelling on quality reef systems. We have full day snorkelling tours to the outer barrier reef starting from $115. Our Visitor Information Centre has detailed reef maps showing the inner, middle and outer barrier reef systems. We also provide you with local weather forecasting, so you can choose the best day to travel to the reef. 

Utilize our many years of experience to select the most appropriate cairns snorkelling trip to suit your budget. Drop in, phone 07 40557158 or email us for any advice, help and bookings.