Hotels close to Tjapukai save you time and money and are far more convenient. At the time of writing this little hotel is listed on Trip Advisor as the number 2 Hotel closest to Tjapukai at just 5.4 km away. The First Hotel position on Trip Advisor, according to our search shows up at 10.5 km from Tjapukai. Online websites show motels, lodging, hotels close to Tjapukai but be careful some are quite a distance away.

We think finding a Hotels close to Tjapukai is a great idea and sensible. Staying close to Tjapukai is wise. Yorkeys Knob Beach at just 5.4 KM away seems the closest and makes logical sense. We like this hotel close to Tjapukai not only because it is so close but also because its a small safe hotel with just nine Villas. After Covid-19 we prefer recommending smaller cairns hotels.

They are beach side and face onto rainforest you get those extra bonuses. Small hotels that are self contained where you have your own kitchen which means saving money on food but also less exposure to other guests.

Villa Marine Cairns Honeymoon apartment collage

Affordable hotels close to Tjapukai 

Another hotel close to Tjapukai isn’t a hotel but a Holiday house and it would be even closer to Tjapukai. Great for families wanting self-contained affordable accommodation. Like Villa Marine the accommodation is self contained and self catering.

Ten Best Hotels close to Tjapukai are shown on many online OTA travel sites as large hotels all over Cairns. Yet our research shows Trip Advisors second best hotel as the closest to Tjapukai. This close by location is so convenient especially when you would like to visit Tjapukai by night or the Tjapukai day Tour.

With the Night Fire Tjapukai experience starting at 7:00 PM being just 5 minutes away is handy. Villa Marine has been awarded Best Standard Accommodation for the region 3 times by Tourism Tropical North Queensland. 

What we like is not only the proximity but also the range of accommodation options and local aboriginal art on display including Melanie Hava, Bernie Singleton and other local aboriginal artists.   

Villa Marine Holiday Apartments Information – Telephone: 07 4055 7158 – Email : – Website: – Address: 8 Rutherford street, Yorkeys Knob Beach. Cairns


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Like help booking your Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Centre tour just phone or email us we have freee maps to Tjapukai discounts and deals off entry and specials. We can also look your accommodation close to Tjapukai for you with you Tjapukai Tour all at the same time.

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