Minke Whale Tours Cairns on Mike Ball’s liveaboard boat depart from Cairns. Mike Balls runs Minke Whale Tours on their liveaboard boat Spoilsport, 3 or 4 night options or 7 day expeditions .The Minke Whale tour season runs June and July. This is the Minke Whale tours Cairns season to the Ribbon Reefs. The Minke Whale tours Cairns are very popular often booking out in advance.

Minke Whales Tour Information

Before booking my Minke Whale dive expedition on Mike Ball, I was recommended to contact Cairns Beaches Visitor Information Centre who specialize in Minke Whale tours. This Visitor Centre had extensive knowledge on Minke Whales tours and were able to give me lots of information on the Mike Ball dive liveaboard tour I choose. The staff were able to tell me what to expect as with nature there is never a 100% guarantee to see these whales but they were able to direct me to the options that would significantly increase the likelihood. They also provided a free nights accommodation before I departed, complementary as I booked my Minke Whale expedition on Mike Ball through them. I was really pleased with this special saving on my Mike Ball Tour and the hotel accommodation was fantastic.         

Minke Whales dive experience

My Minke Whale dive experience was fantastic, the crew and researchers of Mike Balls liveaboard boat Spoilsport prepared us well for our first encounter with the Minke Whales. I have to admit, that I was bit intimidated swimming so close to such a big animal (ca. 5,5m long), but after learning about them I was as hooked as the researchers themselves. The researchers on Mike Ball’s liveaboard boat Spoilsport truly live and breathe for those creatures and their passion is simply infectious. After the first talk we all were in Minke-fever and full of anticipation. The lucky stars were on our side and on the second day we spotted them. It is the rule to only snorkel with them by hanging still on a rope, don’t try to touch or swim after them and let them come to us.

To my surprise the Whales were as curious as we; they were ‘hanging-out’ with us for hours on end. Most of the guests were back on deck to have lunch; only I and two others were still online (on-the-snorkelling-line) as one of the Minke Whales dived direct under my belly, very slowly and gently touching my thigh. I could not help but screamed in my snorkel full of excitement. This was the best I ever had experienced! THRILLED for life and totally in love with those gentle creatures. I inhaled as much information as I could, the crew and biologists on board shared willingly and plenty of information and answered each of my 1 million questions.

Minke Whale Video click to watch

Minke Whale  liveaboard boat facilities

The 30m boat called Spoilsport was big enough for divine comfort and small enough to get to know each of the 26 guests and 11 crew. What a ratio. I shared my budget cabin with only one person. It had a bunk bed and air con and was very comfortable and clean.
All other cabins had Ensuite bathrooms for a bit of extra costs.   
The meals were simply said FANTASTIC and catered for every taste or preference with a big buffet style dinner and snacks all day. Of course, we also could have our deco-beer to complete a perfect dive day. The dive deck was state-of-the-art with Nitrox, rinse hoses, tender diving etc., however, the crew made the service perfect. They really looked after us and created an atmosphere of belonging. No dive or snorkel without lots of laughter. It was part of the procedure. Thanks guys!

More highlights on my Mike Ball liveaboard experience

We had the whales for two full days before they moved on. Afterwards we had a chance to explore those wonderful dive spots at the Ribbon reefs on the Great Barrier Reef and I found my forever favourite one: Steve’s Bommie. A must do for every dive heart with such rich and diverse maritime life, providing plenty material to chat about with a beer and lots of laughter.
I had a trip of a life-time but surely not the last one. A must-do for every diver at heart.

Minke Whale Tours specialist

I have left anybody reading my blog, the details of Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre as without their pictures and advice I would not have booked the trip and missed out on all those beautiful memories. I really appreciated the comprehensive weather reports they provided. To receive a free nights accommodation through Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre was fantastic?. Cairns Beaches tourist Information Centre, phone 07 4055 7158, email? info@allcairnstours.com.au whats app? +61428170027, website www.allcairnstours.com.au

Some memories just don’t have a price tag. You just have to make them. JUST DO IT! ♥