Turtle tours Cairns,  we can book you on some great turtle snorkeling experiences from Cairns. Snorkeling with turtles from Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best Cairns tours to do. Swim with turtles and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef is possible on day trips from Cairns, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulations. For tips from where to see turtles on natural environment, ask Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. The specialist on where to spot on turtles on a natural environment. Snorkeling with turtles is their passion.

Where to see turtles from Cairns

Where to see turtles from Cairns greatly varies according to which part of the Great Barrier Reef you go to. So to increase your chances on where to see turtles from Cairns, look for locations that attract turtles and that are healthy ecosystems that have good supplies of turtle food.

Green Island snorkeling with turtles

Green Island turtle tours
Snorkeling with turtles at Green Island www.allcairnstours.com.au

Turtle tours Cairns, you can also have some great turtle spotting at Green Island. Snorkeling with turtles is a favourite activity on Green Island. Green Island is a great location where to see turtles. They are attracted by the sea grass beds and the natural protection that the island offers. We often swim with them through the sea grass beds of Green Island which is a major food source of adult green turtles.

Are certain Green Island locations are better for spotting turtles? Yes, knowing where to snorkel on Green Island will increase your chances of snorkelling with turtles in the wild. Different locations out from the island are better than others for spotting turtles. Just drop in and ask for our turtle mud map (our home drawn sketch map of the best locations to see turtles at Green Island devised of more than 20 years snorkelling there). We often get asked ‘do we need perfect weather to see turtles?’ From our experience, some of the most successful snorkelling trips with turtles at Green Island have been in the rougher weather, which often seems encourage the turtles to be more active.

Cairns Great Barrier Reef turtle hotspots

Snorkeling with turtles from CairnsCairns Great Barrier Reef turtle hotspots, there are a few locations which we favour. Michaelmas Cay is a sandy Cay on the Outer Barrier Reef with shallow and protective waters and beautiful coral gardens, that seem to attract turtles. We have often experienced turtles in the shallows and swam out with them out to the coral gardens.


Turtle tours Cairns on the Outer Barrier Reef is probably our favourite  location where we regularly see turtles but  don’t publish this location as we don’t like mass tourism going there and upsetting the natural balance of the natural ecosystem there that attracts sea turtles. Contact us in person as we would love to tell you about this particular Cairns turtle hotspot. And it is where we send very experienced snorkelers and divers looking for great corals and marine life. A particular algae grows there and that attracts the turtles. The Great Barrier Marine Authority has been working to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef to improve turtle habitats.  With these improvements, we look forward to seeing more turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.

Frankland Island turtle spotting

Frankland Island turtle spotting is usually quite successful and we have had many great tours snorkelling and swimming with turtles, often in the shallow protected waters just off the beach and also on the afternoon snorkel tour. Frankland Island has an excellent marine biologist who is very knowledgeable about turtles.

Fitzroy Island turtle tours

Fitzroy Island turtle tours, there isn’t one specific tour for turtle spotting at Fitzroy Island, but you can make your own tour with our Fitzroy Island turtle spotting tips. Both Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach good locations to swim with turtles in their natural environment. There is a particular location at Nudey Beach that we greatly like. Just ask us and we highlight this location for you. Also the late afternoons and evenings just up from the Fitzroy Island pier scan the ocean surface for when turtles surface for air. At Fitzroy Island you both see Green Sea Turtles and occasional Hawksbill Turtles. Fitzroy Island also has had Green Sea Turtles nest with hundreds of tiny sea turtle hatchlings swimming to freedom upon hatching.

We have extensive amount of informaton on Fitzroy Island and have been snorkelling Fitzroy Island for 20 years. Utilize our knowledge on turtle tours Cairns.

Fitzroy Island turtle rescue center

Cairns snorkeling with turtlesSnorkeling with turtles Cairns if you don’t  wish to enter the water and stay dry, the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Fitzroy Island is a great place to visit.  This is where volunteers feed and care for injured turtles. Tours operate daily at the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre so visitors to the island can meet Jet, an eight-year-old green sea turtle rescued off Fitzroy Island in July 2017, and learn about the threats to turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.

The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Fitzroy Island is a volunteer operated, non-profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles. The Turtle Rehabilitation Centre tours run daily from 1pm, with a maximum of 15 guests. Bookings can be made only on the day at the island’s general store. Cost $8.80 adult, $5.50 child (4-13 years).

Turtle tours Cairns

Snorkeling with turtles Cairns is a highlight when visiting Cairns.  Swimming and turtle conservation is our passion. Feel free to contact us regarding snorkeling with turtles in Cairns. We would be delighted to assist you here at the Cairns Beaches Tourist Information Centre. Phone 07 40557158.  Need assistance with weather reports just check with us.  We utilise several sources including the Bureau of Meteorology.



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